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Why Green Printing?

Green Printing significantly benefits the environment. By ordering eco friendly printing online with BizInk you can help save thousands of trees and thousands of gallons of water! BizInk does not use virgin paper and petroleum-based inks. Instead BizInk, a green printer, uses only recycled paper and soy inks. Also, green printing produces the same level of quality as traditional printing, so you don't need to sacrifice quality. Consumers today expect companies and organizations to be environmentally responsible by printing green. This allows you to take your first step towards sustainability if you're just getting started. However, if you're already on the green path, you can more fully demonstrate your commitment to protecting our environment by using an Eco Friendly Printer.

Cost of Green Printing

We recognize that this is an important consideration, especially during tough economic times like these. Most Green printers need to consider certain costs that traditional printers don't, like higher prices for recycled paper and eco friendly processes to minimize waste & inefficiencies. However, BizInk has been able to offer more competitive pricing through its higher buying power of recycled paper stocks. This results in lower pricing for your specific project.

Start your Eco Friendly Printing

The best way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the different types of recycled paper and terminology of recycled paper. All recycled paper varies slightly with color and density. It may be helpful for you to request a sample packet first. If you are already familiar with traditional printing, then going green with green printing is simple because the basic design and printing processes are the same.
When you place an order with us today...
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...a tree will be planted tomorrow. Here's how!

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